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Hi!, I’m 


A Creative Generalist.

Skilled in graphic design, motion design, ui design, cinematography, video editing, directing, creative thinking, and communication,, Whether working on a branding project, video project, or developing a marketing campaign, I bring a collaborative, solutions-oriented approach to work, always seeking to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and drive positive change.

Xevo Brand

June 2, 2023

I spearheaded the creative vision of an upcoming brand in the fashion industry orchestrating the visual identity of Xevo, crafting impactful key visuals, dynamic graphics, compelling motion designs, and engaging photos and videos ads. 

September 5, 2023

I had the honor of working on the captivating dynamic motion design and the intricate video edits. It was a thrilling and fulfilling experience to contribute to an album that stretches the limits of art and questions traditional viewpoints.


May 19, 2023

I had the privilege of working on the visual aspects of this project, including the captivating cover art, dynamic motion designs, and meticulous video edits. It was an exciting and rewarding experience to contribute to an album that pushes the boundaries of art and challenges conventional perspectives.

September 17, 2019

Tiwa Savage returns to Lagos to promote '49-99', her lead single off her forthcoming album under Universal Music Group. To the delight of the crowd - including few celebrities and media executives - under the bridge, Savage performed many of her hits that include 'All Over,' 'Ello Baby,' 'Ma Lo,' '49-99' 'Diet'. From Social media assets to stage design, this project is one of my personal favorites, since it challenged the notion of art’s power to alter people’s views and preconceptions. I was pretty happy to take part in this one as the Art Director & the Motion Designer, and still hear of the long-lasting influence it had on critics and fans.


December 27, 2018

This project combined my love for creation and my passion for innovation. I make sure each project I take on is perfectly executed from beginning to end. For this project, my client wanted something engaging and visually memorable. I’m happy to say they were extremely pleased with what I came up with. Please get in touch to learn more about this unique project.

November 19, 2021

For this project, my Client wanted something simple for the motion and lyrics video but visually memorable and true to the EP cover art. I’m happy to say they were extremely pleased with what I created.

24  July – 3 October 2021

Through the course of the just concluded BBNaija season, Boomplay ran a total of 16 TVCs (the most of any brand on display).
I specifically worked on the directing, cinematography, color grading and edited a total of 30 artistes across Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya while I had a DOP/Camera Operator and a Producer to work with.

That Last Forever

The video animation project featured illustrations and motion design elements to bring the album to life. The illustrations were created with a nostalgic and sentimental tone, evoking a sense of warmth and longing for the past. The motion design elements added dynamism and visual interest, further enhancing the emotional impact of the video.

Other projects created 
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